[Architect (n.) Greek arkhitekton “master builder, ” from arkhi- “chief” + tekton “builder”.

Our practice philosophy is based on the roots of architectural design where the traditional architect rendered services as a true ‘Master Builder.

To create beautiful buildings which are also works of art, all stakeholders and team members need to work and function as one entity to envision and construct an environment that is functional, innovative and works as intended to make the community proud.

Based on our practice philosophy, we manage two separate firms committed to both ends of the design + build service industry:

Epsilon Architecture, Inc. is a full service innovative and collaborative architectural practice providing professional consulting services in the private, state and local and federal segments.

Our services foster a collaborative spirit to deliver high quality creative, innovative and sustainable design that meets the needs of our clients regardless of the size of the project. Our design approach integrates the local culture, micro-climate, surroundings and user needs into a product that weaves itself into the fabric of the community to create a sense of place that make Owners proud.

Epsilon Master Builders, Inc. is a full service Program Management/ Construction Management (PM/CM) firm and serve Owners, Construction Managers and Program Managers with a full range of support services, including, Construction Administration, Property Condition Assessments, fund raising, bond referendum planning support, and Peer reviews and Quality Control programs.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we offer customized services in either design, PM/CM or a combination of both as turnkey Design+Build services without any conflicts of interest. Our experience in the full cycle of a building project is a tremendous asset to our clients.